Hi there!

I'm The Bag Guy - aka, Reckie James. Since the late '90s, I've been traveling around the Midwest - and occasionally beyond - offering a variety of high quality gear bags in just the right size or color. I'm a regular at some of the region's best venues for outdoor enthusiasts: fairs, sport shows, conservation and hunting expositions, and snowmobile events.

My philosophy is simple: I want it to be easy for you and I want you to be happy with your bag purchase from me. After all, if you met me at a show, chances are good that I'm going to see you the next time that show rolls around. In fact, I never get tired of folks stopping at my booth to tell me how much they love the bag they bought from me. It's especially great when they want to buy another in a different size or for a gift. My bags and my service are guaranteed. If something goes wrong, I'll make it right.

Thanks for looking at my site. I really appreciate your business!

Take it easy,